Violent Acts Insurance Coverage (Video)

Unpredictable violent acts are one of the most frightening exposures facing businesses today. Violent acts insurance coverage is designed to help your business move forward after a tragedy.

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Violent Acts Coverage Scenarios:

  • A server employed at your bar has recently separated from her husband. The estranged husband enters your bar with a weapon, resulting in serious injuries among your employees and customers. Police and emergency personnel respond. Your business operations are suspended.
  • An employee at your restaurant finds a bomb threat written on the bathroom wall. You immediately evacuate the restaurant. Your business operations are suspended.

Police responding to violence

In these situations, there may not be a direct physical loss to your covered property but your business is still forced to close. This is why violent acts coverage is so important. While you may be dealing with other potential issues like death, injury and emotional trauma, violent acts coverage will provide for loss of business income and extra expenses incurred.

Violent acts coverage is automatically included in Society’s standard businessowners policies. And don’t forget: Unlike other insurance providers in which coverage may not start until after a 72-hour waiting period, Society Insurance coverage begins immediately upon suspension of business operations and will apply for up to three consecutive weeks.

Active Shooter Preparedness

Do you think an active shooter incident can’t happen at your business? Think again. Active shooter events in workplaces have steadily increased over the years and are now five times more likely to happen than they were in 2000, per FBI data. Even the thought of such an event happening at your business can invoke many emotions. How would you respond? What can your business do to proactively prepare for this risk?

This webinar focuses on what to do during a life-threatening situation. Risk management experts and a police officer provide insight on what happens physiologically and psychologically during an active shooter event and discuss tactics to help prevent loss of life.

Click here to view this “Active Shooter Preparedness” webinar.

To learn more about how Society can help your business, contact your local Society Insurance agent or visit us at

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