Tips to Manage Stress at Work (Part 4)

Getting your heart rate up and moving around during the day is important for everyone’s overall wellness, but sometimes you don’t even need to leave your office building to do it.

Try these indoor workouts:

  • Get up from your desk and walk around your building for a few minutes. Try walking the stairs from the lowest level of your building to the top level once or twice.
  • Squats are an easy exercise you can do at your desk that will get your heart beat up and help stretch out your legs.1 20 16 HR_ReduceStressAtWork

If you dread spending time at your desk or office, it may not be the work – but the environment – you resent. A clear, clean, organized desk space will encourage you to get quality work done efficiently and without distraction.

  • Clean up. Throw away old memos and outdated messages. Go through everything in your area and get rid of everything that you no longer need. Customers and co-workers expect a smooth professional experience when they visit your workspace.
  • Having a cluttered desk or work area adds to your stress level. When you organize your space you will work more efficiently with the items, files and tools that you use most often within easy reach. You will also be able to access the information you need more quickly which will make you appear more efficient and more professional.

These tips will help to keep your body energy up and your stress level down. Click here for more tips to manage stress at work.

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