Improve Work Life Balance for Your Employees

Work life balance. This is a phrase that businesses highlight and employees desire. While work life balance is valued by many, what does it really look like?

Work life balance is achieved when career is balanced with lifestyle. As an employer, you may wonder…how can I provide a better work life balance for my employees? Here are some ideas:

Tips to Improve Work Life Balance for Your Employees

Embrace flexible scheduling. This can greatly improve the balance that employees need. Flexible scheduling allows for individuals to work with the convenience of:

  • Being able to attend some of the other important events in their life
  • Finding time to maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Not being committed to a strict 9 to 5 work schedule

Promote telecommuting. If you have some employees who could perform their jobs at home, offer this benefit a few days a week and save employees the time that would otherwise be spent during their commute. Employees can also escape the distractions of the office while working from the comfort of their own homes.

Work Life BalanceEncourage wellness. Provide educational opportunities and wellness events for your employees during the work day. Even a thirty-minute session on one of these topics could have a huge impact:

  • Financial wellness
  • On-site fitness classes, such as yoga
  • Stress management

Provide healthy lunch options. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is something that most employees desire. Some may not have the time to prepare a lunch in the morning. Provide healthy lunch options that support their wellness goals while being considerate of their time.

Offer opportunities to engage with the community. Provide opportunities for your employees to get involved! Partner with non-profit organizations, host charity drives, promote local events – the possibilities are endless! Help your employees give back to the community, form friendships with new faces, and have fun along the way.

Click here for more resources on maintaining a healthy work life balance.

Society Insurance knows there is more to life than work. From our paid volunteer time policy to our flexible scheduling and telecommuting options, we do strive to provide our employees with a healthy balance between their work and personal life. Click here to view our current career opportunities.

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One thought on “Improve Work Life Balance for Your Employees

  1. Tim Yaotome

    Since you mentioned that one way to promote work-life balance in the workplace is through creating a flexible schedule, I believe that any workplace should include a random drug test as part of their wellness program. When outsourcing this service, one should choose a clinic or institution that is certified to administer this test. Doing this will not only make sure that the results are accurate and that employees will be aware of the effects of drugs in their system as well.


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