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Sharing Time and Talent

Well, here we are approaching the end of January, and hopefully you’re still on the right path to meeting any goals or sticking to any resolutions you made for the new year. This is also the time of year when people wonder how they can continue the celebration of giving, even after the excitement of the holidays has worn off. It’s easier than you may think! Giving is not always about the financial aspect. Yes, area charities need monetary donations, but sometimes they just need your time.

I recently served on the Board of Directors for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Fond du Lac. While fundraising is important for this organization’s continued success, what I received through my involvement did not come with a price tag. (more…)

Supporting our Communities

My parents were role models to me in supporting the community. While they were of modest means, they were tireless in giving their time when it was needed in the small Indiana town where I grew up. They ran my Cub Scout Pack when no one else stepped up; my father served as Pack Leader and my mother ran three different groups of boys as a Den Mother out of our home. When something needed to be fixed, painted or otherwise kept in good order at our little country church, my father always volunteered. My mother taught a Sunday school class for years and helped run Vacation Bible School. Outside of formal groups doing good work in the community, my mother spent many years making weekly visits to elderly friends who couldn’t take care of themselves but wanted to stay in their homes. She organized her friends to step in and help, too.

It seemed natural to me to get involved in community service work due to the example my parents set. (more…)