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How to Keep Your Restaurant Safe From Cyber Threats

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Handling electronic data is an unavoidable part of operating any business today, but what would happen to your restaurant if that sensitive information was the target of a cyberattack? We tend to remember big, scandalous data breaches like Equifax or Sony, but that’s only because they are highly publicized. In reality, an estimated 90% of cyberattacks affect small businesses and the average cost of one is $116,967. Couple that with loss of customer trust and suddenly it’s no surprise that 60% of small businesses go out of business within 6 months of a data breach.


Video: Niche Insurance Expertise Brings Value

Society Insurance brings value to Bartolotta Restaurants through niche expertise and responsiveness to unique circumstances in the restaurant business.

See what Keith Trafton of Bartolotta Restaurants and Stephanie Riesch-Knapp of R&R Insurance have to say in this video. (more…)

Restauranteurs and Society Insurance – Sharing the Passion

Restaurant owners are an interesting lot. They drive onward through long hours, uncertain economic times and countless challenges trying to distinguish themselves from their competition to keep the customer coming to their table. Ever wonder why?

Is it huge financial gain? While owning a restaurant can provide a comfortable living with a lot of hard work and proper management, it certainly is not a “get rich quick and easy” proposition. The reward that comes with the business is the satisfaction of a happy customer who had an enjoyable dining experience at their establishment. (more…)