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How to Improve Employee Retention in Seasonal Restaurants

Seasonal restaurants may be increasing in popularity, but are nothing new for areas like Door County, Wisconsin and other vacation destinations. These restaurants typically operate through specific dates of the year related to the weather and travel seasons. While the restaurant industry can be challenging, seasonal restaurants face their own set of unique challenges. Since these restaurants must pack all of their sales into just a few months, hiring and keeping the right employees can make or break the season. So, how does a seasonal restaurant owner retain top talent when they only operate a few months out of the year?


Apostle Islands Ice Caves a Rare Sight to Behold

Over the weekend my wife and I visited the Apostle Islands ice caves. This especially cold winter has produced more navigable ice on Lake Superior, which provides a rare opportunity to experience these natural masterpieces up close.

There must have been several thousand people walking back and forth; and, it kind of reminded me of a caravan of ants who found something really sweet to eat.  As one of those ants, it was a real treat and well worth the effort to see! (more…)