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VIDEO: Society Understands My Restaurant/Bar Business

Joshua Schams, owner/operator of Club Oasis in Sparta, Wis. shares reasons why he protects his tavern/restaurant with Society Insurance – including knowledge of his unique business, risk control services, and superior coverage protection and value.

Take a moment to watch what Joshua has to say and share his message. Learn more about the difference Society can make for your business by contacting your local independent agent.

Perfect Fit: 3 Tips for Matching Customers and Carriers

We all know that relationships are key when it comes to business insurance. Price is always a factor, but when it comes right down to it, I know as a carrier that our policyholders ultimately trust their agents. In situations where the price is at least in the same ballpark, an agent can guide an insured to the carrier he or she believes is the best choice.

But what is the best choice? It’s not the same for every customer; if it was, you’d only have one carrier. So what factors should be considered? What should you look for when trying to match a customer with a carrier?


Four Traits Every Insurance Agent Should Expect in Their Carrier

(Here’s our bylined article appearing if the November 2013 issue of Wisconsin Independent Agent Magazine. You can read the full issue by contacting IIAW’s director of membership and marketing, Cari Lee, at cari@iiaw.com or by becoming an IIAW member.)

What You Should Expect From Your Carrier ­­

Carriers expect a lot out of their independent agency partners, often pulling them in a number of different directions all at once. But the agency-carrier relationship is a true partnership; neither agents nor carriers can exist without the other doing its part. Since carriers expect a lot out of you, here are some things you should expect from your carrier: