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Your Business is at a Disadvantage without a “Green” Endorsement

It’s hard to pick up a magazine these days without reading about the importance of “going green.” We see it in public interest stories, government stimulus programs, and building requirements for the use of renewable products and energy-efficient equipment.

Many business owners are actively involved in green initiatives and practice sustainability in their operations. This may include upgrading to more energy-efficient equipment, stricter recycling programs, resource conservation, improving building efficiencies and more. In addition to the environmental impact, these efforts can increase bottom-line revenue and enhance employee morale and contribution.

The environmental and financial rewards of improving energy conservation and sustainability make it worth a business owner’s time to make sure (more…)

Video: Benefits of a Green Endorsement

The environmental and financial rewards of energy conservation make it worth a business owner’s time to make sure they are going “green” by adopting environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient practices and equipment. Society Insurance provides a green endorsement at no additional cost. This enables businesses to rebuild using green alternatives after a loss—even if the green repair costs are more than the original equipment or material.

So, what are some real-life scenarios? Watch this video where our claims representatives and underwriters explain the green endorsement and examples of where this protection comes into play. (more…)