Stay Clear from Falling into Floor Openings During Construction

Falls cause far more deaths in the construction industry (about one-third) than any other type of accident. If a construction worker is carrying an object obstructing his or her view, not spotting a floor opening can lead to serious injury. Protection from floor openings is therefore crucial to ensuring the continued safety of construction workers on-site.

Before your workers begin construction above ground level, equip them with the right safety tools and tips they’ll need to stay on their feet.

  • Secure or guard floor holes as soon as they’re created.
  • Guardrails, covers or barricades should not be moved except in extreme circumstances. A competent person should review the situation to determine if additional safeguards are necessary when guardrails, covers or barricades need to be removed.
  • Covers must be able to support twice the anticipated weight and must be secured to prevent movement.
  • Hand rails, covers, and barricades must be constructed using sturdy materials such as wire rope, lumber or metal piping.
  • All gaps in walk ways should be covered and a toe board installed to prevent materials and tools dropping onto workers below. These covers can also prevent workers from tripping.
  • Always employ a guardrail system, safety net or personal fall arrest system starting at 6 feet when workers are exposed to falls.

Learn how to protect construction workers from falling objects and other building site dangers by checking out our blog post on personal protective equipment. On top of following the proper safety procedures, having the right insurance policy can make a big difference in looking out for your business. Check out our contractors coverage, which comes with the details you need most built in, including $10,000 of Errors & Omissions coverage at no additional charge.

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