Selecting Appropriate Office Attire

As the weather warms up, it is time to start thinking about what is appropriate to wear for work. Even if there is not a strict dress code at your company, keep the right balance between summer and what is suitable for the office.

Appropriate Clothes for Women in the Office

Women probably have a few more questions about their outfit choices during the summer months. What skirt or dress is appropriate? What shoes can I wear? Will this shirt be too revealing? A good rule of thumb is: if you have to ask, don’t wear it.

Even if your company doesn't have a strict dress code, keep the balance for what is suitable for the office.Skirts and Dresses. When it comes to skirts or dresses, a quick way to judge whether it is too short is if your fingertips touch skin when your arms are down at your sides. If you really want to wear that skirt or dress but it is just too short, try wearing leggings underneath. Yes, this will make it a bit warmer, but it will allow you to wear your favorite skirt to the office and still look professional.

Shirts. Staying cool can be difficult in the summer months, but thankfully summer brings lightweight colors and fabrics. Blouse shirts that are light and airy still keep you looking professional. Many sleeveless tops and dresses are stylish and practical options; just remember to stay away from one-sleeved, spaghetti straps or halter tops.

Shoes. When deciding what shoes to wear, generally nothing with open toes is acceptable in the workplace, but make sure to check your company’s dress code policy. As a general rule of thumb, if it looks like you could wear it to the beach, it’s not the look for work.

Acceptable Office Clothing for Men

For men, office dress is about the same year-round. Dress shoes, or closed-toed shoes are always acceptable. Polo shirts or dress shirts and dress pants are the standard for year-round business casual wear.

Shorts are not typical in the office, so again make sure to check your company’s policy. If your company does allow it, make sure they are not too casual or too short!

Just Remember…

No matter how hot it gets, summer is not the time to take a break on professionalism.  It’s important to remember that even though certain clothing items may be allowed, what you put on is a reflection of your professionalism.

At Society, our corporate-casual dress style exemplifies the respectful and relaxed environment we want our workplace to be. To learn more about career opportunities at Society Insurance, click here.

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7 thoughts on “Selecting Appropriate Office Attire

  1. Zoe Campos

    Thank you for your tip about using my fingertips to determine if the length of my skirt or dress is appropriate for a workplace environment. I got accepted as an intern in a marketing company and my first day starts on Monday next week. Since I’m really nervous about wearing a pencil skirt too short for my supervisors’ taste, it might be better for me to purchase thigh-high stockings just to be sure.

  2. Kristofer Van Wagner

    You are absolutely right about choosing office attire that is comfortable, but it needs to match the weather too. So, I like that this post shared that cotton is always the safest choice when choosing office attire. Since my daughter will start work next week, I will remind her of this tip when she buys work attire.

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