The Importance of Proper Restaurant Grease Removal for Kitchen Floors

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With 44% of Society Insurance claims related to slip and fall accidents, you can’t afford to bury your head in the sand. Even the best slip-resistant shoes may not completely eliminate the risks associated with a greasy restaurant kitchen floor. For this reason, it’s critical that every food serving establishment have an employee training program and written floor cleaning procedures for restaurant grease removal. Since greasy restaurant kitchen floors can have a significant impact on safety and cleanliness, be sure to stay current with, and abide by, manufacturer guidelines for the chemical cleaners your business utilizes. Removing grease from kitchen floors should be top priority when completing nightly cleaning procedures in any restaurant or food serving pub.

Ensuring your business has floor cleaning procedures in place is just the beginning. Here is what every restaurant manager should know about slip and falls and restaurant grease removal.

The Impact of Slip and Fall Accidents on Your Bottom Line

Don’t take the risk. Invest in proper floor cleaning procedures and products to prevent slip and fall accidents. If you don’t, it could mean:

  • Higher insurance costs: Insurance premiums may increase upon renewal with increased cases of slip and fall accidents.
  • Harm to reputation: A slip and fall accident could bring negative publicity to your business.
  • Impact on customers: Costly medical treatments for those involved in a slip and fall accident on your property.

Basic Restaurant Kitchen Floor Cleaning Procedures

  1. Identify mops and brushes for use in the kitchen only!
  2. Sweep the floor.
  3. Dilute the cleaning solution in mop bucket exactly as directed by the manufacturer.
  4. Apply the diluted cleaning solution to the floor.
  5. The floor should be mopped with the diluted cleaning solution and then briskly brushed using a stiff bristle deck brush.
  6. Degreaser cleaners should sit on the floor for at least 5-10 minutes.
  7. Agitate with a stiff bristle deck brush.
  8. Squeegee the emulsified grease and dirt down the floor drain.
  9. If floor drains are not available, mop with a bucket of clean hot water, changing the water often.

Types of Commercial Chemicals Used to Clean Floors

While there are many commercial kitchen floor cleaning products on the market, there are two commonly used formulas: enzyme-based and degreaser.

  • Enzyme-based formula: An enzyme-based cleaning formula is non-pathogenic, breaks down greases and is a natural stain remover.
  • Cleaner/degreaser formula: This type of floor cleaner is a combination all-purpose cleaner and degreaser. Cleaner/degreaser is ideal for general purpose cleaning on tools and equipment.

Using Enzyme-Based & Cleaner/Degreaser Chemicals for Restaurant Grease Removal

When using enzyme-based floor cleaning chemicals follow these steps:

  1. Mix with cold water.
  2. Do a slop mop instead of a damp mop.
  3. Leave cleaning chemical on the floor until solution penetrates the soils – no less than 5 minutes.
  4. Brush floor with stiff bristled brush.
  5. Mop up solution or squeegee towards floor drain.
  6. Do not rinse.
  7. Allow to air dry.

When using cleaner/degreaser floor cleaning chemicals follow these steps:

  1. Calibrate the pre-mixer.
  2. If you’re not using a pre-mixer, use the proper amount of the chemical.
  3. Always use a clean mop and mop bucket.
  4. Mix with the water at the recommended temperature.

Commercial Floor Scrubber Machines

Many restaurants invest in commercial floor scrubber machines to aid in restaurant grease removal. Almost any application that would require a traditional mop and bucket could use a commercial floor scrubber instead.

Advantages of Using Floor Scrubbers for Restaurant Grease Removal

  • Quicker dry times
  • Greater cleaning efficiency
  • Easier cleaning process
  • Low-foaming and non-corrosive

Quality chemicals and tools may cost slightly more than generic alternatives, but they will produce better restaurant grease removal results and promote an accident-free environment that will positively impact your bottom line long-term.

Why Should You Have a Floor or Walkway Audit?

Society Insurance risk control experts work directly with policyholders taking a proactive approach to reduce the number of slip and fall accident claims. A floor audit or walkway audit is a risk control service offered to Society Insurance policyholders designed to reduce the risk of slip and fall injuries. Completing a floor audit and developing a plan to improve floor traction will help to prevent costly customer and employee slip and fall accident claims.

Read more about “Mitigating Slip and Fall Risks” or watch our video “Preventing Slips and Falls with Proper Floor Care Procedures” to gain valuable strategies for your business moving into the new year. To learn more about floor or walkway audits or opportunities to reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents through proper restaurant grease removal, consult with your local Society agent.

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