Life-Saving Equipment You Can Provide to Protect Your Contracting Employees

Artisan contractors operate in an environment built on risk. From the equipment they employ to the buildings they work on, each element poses a unique set of dangers. Implementing proper training and safety procedures can help protect your workers from harm. But even that isn’t always enough.

Oftentimes, injuries are hard to avoid or happen without warning. What’s more, exposure to elevated noise, projectiles and potentially harmful gases and liquids is an everyday, on-the-job occurrence.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is the last line of defense in protecting contractors from serious injury. Nail these details on appropriate PPE wear and you’ll make a big difference in protecting employee health.

Eye and Face Protection

  • Supply safety glasses or face shields whenever work operations could cause foreign objects to enter the eye, or when exposed to electrical hazards.
  • Provide glasses that fit comfortably and store them in a clean container free from dust.
  • Clean glasses regularly and conduct PPE eyewear maintenance when necessary.

Foot Protection

  • Require safety-toed footwear for employees who work with heavy objects.
  • Supply or require employees to wear shoes or boots with slip-resistant and puncture-resistant soles.
  • Advise employees whose work exposes them to electrical hazards to wear boots resistant to electrical currents.

Hand Protection

  • Supply the right gloves for the job, based on if employees will be exposed to hazardous chemicals, extreme temperatures, electrical currents, sharp materials or wet surfaces.
  • Gloves should be form fitting to prevent them from slipping off.

Head Protection

  • Supply hard hats when there is a potential for objects falling from above.
  • Routinely inspect hard hats for dents, cracks or deterioration, and replace them after a heavy blow or electrical shock.
  • Perform proper hardhat maintenance to reduce wear and tear.

Hearing Protection

Different projects pose different risks, so know what to anticipate and plan accordingly. Purchasing workers comp from Society Insurance is another smart precaution to take. For complete contractors coverage with $10,000 of errors and omissions coverage at no additional charge, talk to a local independent Society agent.

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