Empowering Employees with Fire Safety Training and Response

The time to think of how to best prevent and respond to an emergency is not during the actual event. Preparation is key. Employee fire safety training and response – which should include a fire prevention plan and an emergency action plan – is a powerful defense against fire threats and can mean the difference between a localized fire and an uncontrolled blaze.

Workplace Fire Prevention Plan

In addition to basic fire safety training and an action plan, hands-on training can provide a better understanding of fighting fires. Employees should be familiar with identifying types of fires and proper techniques for fighting each type of fire, personal protective equipment, fire evacuation routes and actual training in using a fire extinguisher.

A basic workplace fire prevention plan should include:

  • A list of all major fire hazards, proper handling and storage procedures for hazardous materials and potential ignition sources
  • Procedures to control the accumulation of flammable and combustible waste material
  • Procedures for regular maintenance of safeguards installed on heat-producing equipment
  • Names or job titles of employees responsible for maintaining equipment

Fire Emergency Action Plan

A well-developed emergency action plan should provide employees with basic training on what to do in the event of a fire. Employers should review the emergency action plan:

  • When the plan is developed
  • When the employee’s responsibilities or designated actions under the plan change
  • Whenever the plan changes

Learn more about fire safety training and protecting your business with the free resources in this Fire Prevention blog series or download this free whitepaper: “Identify and Eliminate Restaurant Fires.”

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4 thoughts on “Empowering Employees with Fire Safety Training and Response

  1. Hudson Electrical

    A lot of people die each year due to fire accidents so it is very important to maintain smoke alarms at home or workplace to ignore fire accidents. Regular inspection of your home must be done to check if smoke alarms are faulty or expired.

  2. Sarah Packer

    My husband and I are starting a business soon, so I wanted tips on ensuring our future employees have the right training! I didn’t know you should train your employees on how to handle the safeguards on heat-producing equipment and the maintenance required. I’ll keep that in mind and research the procedures needed on the fire extinguishers I buy, thanks to this post!

  3. VIVID - Fire Safety Products

    The information on how to best prevent a fire or emergency in a company became more useful to me. Thank you for reading the information given here and I will follow it which will be very useful to me and my staff.

    Thanks for sharing great stuff.


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