Drive Down Auto Repair Shop Injuries by Fixing These Risks

Even off the road, cars can be dangerous. And no one knows that better than the auto repair workers who operate on them.

Car repair involves large parts, awkward angles and cramped spaces. Combine that with a work environment featuring hazardous chemicals, heavy lifting and flammable materials, and you have a uniquely hazardous industry.

To fix these potential problems, you need the right set of tools. Follow our detailed instructions below and you’ll stop these serious issues from impacting your mechanics’ health.

Hazardous Chemical Exposure

Employees can develop serious health complications when improperly exposed to car chemicals. Gloves, respirators, long-sleeved shirts and protective eyewear serve as a defensive layer against fumes and chemical contact. Proper garage ventilation also reduces this risk, in addition to preventing carbon monoxide poisoning.

Being Struck by Objects

Moving and maneuvering heavy auto parts and tinkering around inside vehicles are everyday duties of a mechanic. With so many parts in motion, auto repair workers are exposed to conditions where they may hit or be hit by a number of objects. To prevent objects from breaking and flying up, tools should be in good condition and fit properly. Use fitted safety glass for working under cars or when using powerful tools. Providing plenty of headroom under hoists and in pits will also prevent painful bumps.


While fires are a common concern for most businesses, auto body repair shops are especially susceptible because of the prevalence of flammable materials. Make sure chemicals are properly sealed and stored away from fire and heat sources. Likewise, greasy rags should be kept separately in metal or noncombustible containers off the floor. Other flammable materials like sawdust and woodchips should be swept away and disposed of regularly.

For more safety solutions to auto repair risks like hearing damage and falls, browse through our Risk Control Library. Our comprehensive auto service and garage coverage also comes complete with the details that keep your business moving, like equipment breakdown coverage and full protection for your gas pumps. Cruise on over to our agent locator to learn more from an independent Society rep.

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