Dealing with Workplace Conflict

Whether you are in an entry-level position, or an upper level management position, at some point we all have to deal with workplace conflicts. Learning how to deal with the conflicts is crucial to creating a good environment to work in.

Follow these four tips to help handle conflict:

  1. 4 6 16 HR_WorkplaceConflict_smRight Time: Timing is everything when it comes to managing conflict, and the best time to take action is when there is hard evidence/proof that an employee has a track record of wrongdoing that is negatively impacting the performance of others.
  2. Know Your Boundaries: Everyone deals with conflict differently, so you must know the risks and rewards of conflict resolution within the boundaries of each of your employees. Help others know when they tend to cross the line through careful observation; identify behavioral tendencies that seem to trigger certain attitudes, provoke mindset shifts, or demonstrate a lack of self-awareness.
  3. Respect Differences: Rather than impose your influence, hierarchy or rank – respect the unique differences in people and learn to see things from differing points of view so you can better understand how to avoid conflict in the future.
  4. Confront the Tension: Conflict can yield an emotional state of mind that makes it more difficult to manage it. So we must confront and address the issue when it first becomes apparent rather than allow it to fester.

Using these four tips will better help you handle conflict and make sure a small problem doesn’t become a large one.

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