Crime Prevention for Restaurants, Bars and Taverns

Restaurants, bars and taverns can be targets for robbery, burglary and theft. These businesses may accumulate a large amount of cash during daily operations, which makes them attractive targets for criminal activity.

  • Armed Robbery. Do you know when your business is most vulnerable?
  • Employee Theft. Do you know that this is the most frequent criminal event in a restaurant?
  • Violent Incidents. Do you know how staff should respond?
  • Burglary. Do you know how to deter burglars?

Learn more about these crimes and how to prevent them in this whitepaper. Then, download this pdf for a crime prevention checklist that you can put to use in your restaurant, bar or tavern.

Stop risk to keep your business going. Find more whitepapers, case studies and safety resources from our risk management team at

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