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About Mike Zajicek, Society Insurance Vice President of Workers Compensation Claims

Mike has 25 years in claims experience and currently oversees the Workers Compensation Claims Department. Mike has his AIC designation and is actively involved in the local aviation community as an Instrument Rated Private Pilot.

How Can you Identify States with a Healthy Workers Compensation System?

One of the things I enjoy most about my job is learning all the little nuances of one state vs. another; and after 25 years in the industry, I have found one dynamic of individual states to be a great predictor as to the overall health of the workers compensation (WC) system within that jurisdiction.

You might think after watching some of the television commercials that I’m only interested in finding ways to deny claims; and as much as that makes for good theater, the truth is I have seen statistics that as much as 95% of all Loss of Time claims are managed without the need for litigation. The system looks to employers and their carriers to be administrators of the process with limited litigation – that was one of the founding principles for workers compensation in its inception in 1911.

Even so, there is competition within and among states in how they manage their WC systems; (more…)

Six Tips to Improve Your Workers Compensation Experience

Workers compensation is an important consideration for every employer and handling the associated obligations can be a challenge for any business. But employers can have a huge impact by following these six tips to minimize risk of injury, promote a smooth claims process and support employees’ return to work. (more…)

Apostle Islands Ice Caves a Rare Sight to Behold

Over the weekend my wife and I visited the Apostle Islands ice caves. This especially cold winter has produced more navigable ice on Lake Superior, which provides a rare opportunity to experience these natural masterpieces up close.

There must have been several thousand people walking back and forth; and, it kind of reminded me of a caravan of ants who found something really sweet to eat.  As one of those ants, it was a real treat and well worth the effort to see! (more…)