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Kevin has held four different positions during his nearly fifteen years at Society ranging from customer service (claims), sales, marketing and management. He also has a passion for teaching as a continuing education instructor as well as a faculty member of the National Alliance of Insurance Education.

Don’t Let Ice Freeze Your Business

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If you were a business owner somewhere between Minnesota and Maine this winter, there is a likelihood that your power was interrupted due to the massive ice storm that swept the Midwest and East Coast. If you were able to open, did large icicles hang perilously from your building putting your customers in harm’s way? Don’t forget about that slippery sidewalk and parking lot! What if an employee slips and falls while taking out the trash? What if a customer walks outside and gets hit in the head with an ice chunk or falls down and fractures their hip? Will they (or their lawyer) say that you didn’t properly clear the sidewalk, which caused them to fall? Most importantly, how will that affect your reputation as a business owner? Ice storms can wreak havoc this time of year! (more…)