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About Dina S. Schultz, Society Insurance Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Dina is responsible for Society's sales, marketing and agency functions, and during the past 25 years in her career has participated in a wide variety of executive leadership training. With her leadership philosophy, she sets a positive example for others to follow. In her spare time, she enjoys oil painting, creative writing, reading, cooking and hiking.

Leadership: A Life Journey

I recently started reading a book called How Great Women Lead, co-authored by Bonnie St. John and Darcy Deane. The book is a mother-daughter trip around the world interviewing extraordinary women in leadership positions about their lives and how their experiences have shaped their leadership style in the professional world. It is an extremely interesting and inspirational read (I mostly like the life stories and the lessons they learned).

I’ve found that you can learn so much about yourself in reading about other people’s experiences – how your own life’s experiences may be relatable or entirely different but the moral is still the same. While Bonnie and Darcy have narrow focuses (happiness and leadership, respectively) I find the process of being a leader subject to all the ups and downs in our life journey.

Here are some questions to ask as we go through our life journey: (more…)

Sales Tips: Value vs. Price

Here at Society Insurance, it’s all about the Small details that make a Big difference. When selling an intangible product like commercial insurance, it’s important to promote the value that the customer receives. Sales professionals who don’t know how to sell value will be challenged if they sell on price alone. This approach does not create loyal customers or long-term, profitable growth strategies.

As Society’s products and services are marketed, key to success is a clear look at what moves customers to make purchase decisions. People buy for their own reasons – not ours. They purchase commercial insurance (more…)

Perfect Fit: 3 Tips for Matching Customers and Carriers

We all know that relationships are key when it comes to business insurance. Price is always a factor, but when it comes right down to it, I know as a carrier that our policyholders ultimately trust their agents. In situations where the price is at least in the same ballpark, an agent can guide an insured to the carrier he or she believes is the best choice.

But what is the best choice? It’s not the same for every customer; if it was, you’d only have one carrier. So what factors should be considered? What should you look for when trying to match a customer with a carrier?


Our Purpose: Lead the Way, All the Way!

The moment we come into this world, we have a purpose. Many strive to find their purpose while not understanding it’s not about job position, money, success and fame. Our purpose is so much more than that. Most of us want to make a difference in this world. We want to know at the end of day, we matter. So, how do we make a difference? How will we be remembered? These questions define the concept of positive leadership. (more…)