8 Meat Slicer Safety Tips

As we celebrate our 100th year in business in 2015, we embark on another century of commitment to our policyholders. Our mission is to protect the livelihoods of our policyholders, and, as the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In keeping with that theme, we’ll celebrate our 100th year in business with 100 important tips to help identify, evaluate and prevent dangers that could result in financial loss or injury in a year-long “Safe with Society” blog series.

A meat slicer can be used to slice meats and cheeses to required thickness and size. This tool has a sharp blade that rotates at high speeds, and it can cause serious injury. First, make sure that meat slicer operators are at least 18 years of age and understand how to operate the slicer. Follow these tips for safe operation of a meat slicer:

  1. Wear cut-resistant gloves, which protect your hands from the meat slicer.
  2. Keep the work area free of clutter. This will make the operation much safer and quicker.
  3. Focus on the task. Keep your eyes on the tool at all times.
  4. Never push meat with bare hands. Always use a food pusher or tamper to push the food towards the blade.
  5. Never reach across the slicer. If you have to reach across the slicer, turn it off and walk around it.
  6. Lock the blade when not in use. Turn it off, unplug it, and move the blade to “zero” or locked position.
  7. Clean with caution. Use a cut-resistant glove.
  8. Never tamper with the Safety switch. This is a vital component of the meat slicer.

Click here for a helpful handout on meat slicer safety to share with your employees.

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2 thoughts on “8 Meat Slicer Safety Tips

  1. Michael Robinson

    Thanks again for reminding me that I need to wear cut-resistant gloves when I use the meat slicer. One thing that you said that I had not thought of to do is keeping your eyes on the tools at all times so that there are no mix-ups. If you are a butcher, it would be a good idea too to have some kind of insurance. Thanks again!


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