Contamination and Threat

Society is unique in its understanding of the contamination exposures businesses face. That’s why we offer a variety of coverages that best protect the unique risks of each business.

Consider these scenarios:

•  You discover that the lettuce in your restaurant is contaminated with salmonella so it must be discarded. You must also throw away all of the other food that is stored next to the lettuce in your cooler. You are forced to close your restaurant for three days to clean and sanitize. Society’s contamination coverage would provide for the cost of cleaning and sanitizing, loss of business income and extra expense.Contamination 230x140

•  You terminate an employee at your restaurant on Wednesday. That ex-employee calls you on Thursday and states that before they left they may have contaminated fresh fish fillets in the cooler for Friday night’s fish fry. This may just be a threat and not an actual contamination, but you still take the precautionary measure of discarding the fish and closing for the weekend to clean and sanitize. Society’s contamination coverage includes protection for threat of contamination and would provide for the cost of cleaning and sanitizing, loss of business income and extra expense.

This contamination coverage is included in Society’s standard businessowners policies. But what about the product? Society offers an endorsement to cover the replacement of discarded product due to contamination or threat of contamination.

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