The Importance of Prompt Claims Reporting

No one wants to file an insurance claim, but if an accident does happen, prompt reporting is crucial to recouping your losses quickly and efficiently.

  • Prompt reporting provides an opportunity for claims professionals to offer suggestions that may help reduce your loss.
  • Immediate investigation into a loss greatly assists your claims professional in seeking reimbursement of your deductible when others are at fault.
  • In cases were subrogation possibilities exist, prompt reporting provides ample opportunity to examine evidence before it is destroyed.
  • Prompt notification means your repairs will be completed sooner.
  • In times of widespread damage it is always beneficial to start the process right away so you can get back to business quickly.
  • Notification of questionable injuries on your property allows your claims professional to conduct a thorough investigation to perhaps curtail frivolous claims.
  • When you’re at fault for a loss, prompt reporting may help the injured party’s impression of you and your reputation remains high.
  • Prompt notice can help reduce anxiety after an event and serve as a source of information.
  • In workers compensation cases, prompt reporting allows your claims professional to contact the injured worker promptly – answering questions and concerns, ultimately putting your employee at ease.
  • In cases where an injured employee is missing time from work, prompt reporting allows your claims professional to work directly with the doctor to get your employee back on the job in some capacity. The longer a person is off of work, the harder it is to get them back to work.
  • Early notice can help ensure that all of your policy benefits are available to you.
  • The sooner a loss is reported, the quicker your claims professional can help you control expenses that might exceed your policy coverages.

Society has helped businesses overcome industry-specific challenges for decades and our experienced staff possesses the skills necessary to manage your losses quickly and thoroughly, saving you both time and money.

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  1. Thanks for the information. A lot of these tips I never considered. Especially questionable injuries on your property. I wouldn’t think people would be so low to do something like that but I suppose stuff like that happens.

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